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Broadcaster Marc Riley, rock musician Damon Albarn and film-maker Ceri Levy travel to the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides to search for sea eagles and basking sharks. Damon also composes a new piece of music that he performs in a cave on the Isle of Staffa, before he and Marc take to the sea to swim with the sharks - some of which are over 20ft in length.”


really damon? WTF????

I’m really happy about damon talking of “gorillaz 2016”, even if it looks so far away, I can’t wait to see what they pull off this time. JAMION is back bitches! ♥

And I would love another TGTBTQ album. (he said he is trying to find time to record it, the album is already written)

damon in argentina ♥

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Damon’s hats on stage 

he is an idiot, but is our idiot ♥

NOEL is back bitches!

my photos of Jeff ♥

Damon Albarn speaking spanish + acting like an argentinian while listening to the ovation at Gran Rex, Buenos Aires. October 7th


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