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here we go again…. youtube link for this????

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oh, man. this is a long post. this is an embarrassingly long post.

here is a comprehensive collection of very vague to very blunt tweets composed by the inestimable liam gallagher in honour of noely g.

let’s do this shit chronologically, shall we.

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OMG I’m actually blushing…




The last day of Harry Potter.



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Poder decir adiós es crecer.

Gustavo Cerati. | 1959 - 2014.

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I made a recopilation of songs with my favourite Damon’s collaborations and I put them together kind like an album (First I thought about making a collection with ALL his colaborations or lost songs, but the list is HUGE and I’m pretty sure it  would be incomplete. So I decided to select my favourite ones or the ones that I think are the best ones. Some songs are from his side proyects, or movie soundtracks)

You can download it HERE
(wait the 3 seconds of the add)

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he really did this!

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#ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE for damon albarn, noel gallagher and alex turner.

and jarvis cocker,


oh yes

can you imagine him all wet? poor little thing

recien termine de ver la 2da temporada de bates motel (me la mire en un dia y medio, ME ENCANTO), resumen:

dylan está re fuerte y hace todo bien, pero me calienta mucho más el pendejo psicopata. si yo fuera vera farmiga, estaria esperando poder entrarle a mis dos hijos.

fin del comunicado

“I love dogs, dogs are brilliant. Is there anything funnier than a dog, going down the high street with his face hangin’ out the window? Y’know when you see dogs in the passenger seat, someone’s wound down the window and the dog’s got his face out the window and he’s like "Whoa! We’re goin’ 43 miles an hour!" and he’s got his tongue out! The second funniest thing is dogs in hats! Is there anything funnier than a dog wearing a hat on holiday?! Is there anything funnier than a dog in sunglasses?! I don’t think so. I don’t think so. Dogs smoking cigarettes is out of order… but have you ever seen a dog when he’s going down the street and he’s got his face out the window? The most joyous thing a dog will ever do is go over 30 miles an hour! They love it! They love it. The next time you see a dog, get on the utter joy on his face, with his tongue hanging out (imitates dog). By the way for the people listening to the radio, I just pulled a really, really funny face, it was worth at least a hundred grand a week from the BBC, but I won’t get it…” —

A drunk Noel Gallagher, talking about dogs.

From Chris Moyles’ radio show, 15/08/08.

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I’m in love with freddie highmore ok?